LMS's Stacey Polson named Counselor of the Year

The Wyoming School Counselor Association has named Lander Middle School's Stacey Polson as the Counselor of the Year! "As a school counselor, Stacey is not afraid to use data!" the Wyoming School Counselor Association Board Members said in a letter. "She understands the importance of tracking how she spends her time to help her balance the services she provides in her school. Stacey has also done amazing things with student data to help her teachers meet the needs of at risk students. Her strive towards being data driven has helped her school focus on what is best for the students. "Not only does Stacey work to meet the needs of her students, she is also an advocate for training staff, which in turn expounds the impact of her comprehensive school counseling program. Stacey ensures that staff are trained in suicide prevention, legal issues in middle school, as well as cyber issues and technology so the staff are familiar with what students are using. "Stacey's hard work and dedication has paid off through a decrease in discipline referrals and important issues being addressed rather than ignored. She continues to collaborate with her team of administrators, fellow counselors staff, parents and community to best meet the needs of their students. "Stacey will go on to be the Wyoming 2017 State Representative at the American School Counselor Association's National Awards Recognition in January in Washington DC! She will also be in the running for the National School Counselor of the Year award! "Congratulations Stacey! We are proud of all your accomplishments and all you do for students in Wyoming!" #county10 #news