Trail conditions on the Middle Fork Trail - Photo Journey

One of the more frequently asked questions in County 10 during the Spring is: "Is the Middle Fork trail to the falls hikable?" This time of year, the 1 1/4 mile hike to the falls can be a little muddy or slushy in parts. While there was a little of both tonight, it's comfortably hiked with the right shoes. Better than trying to describe it to you in words, we'll use pictures. These were taken at 6:00 pm tonight. Are you okay if we sprinkle in some bad jokes that you can choose to share on your hike to the falls? Of course you are. *Lower third* These pics are from the mostly dry lower third of the trail: [image: lower third.png] [image: fork.png] *Middle third* You'll come across some water, but good hiking shoes will keep your feet dry. Please stay on the trail. [image: middle third.png] They're just budding, but they ARE there. [image: flowers.png] [image: rock.png] *Upper third* The footing here requires a little more focus. [image: upper third.png] [image: endangered.png] *(boo! Don't worry, our analytics show that kids <18 years old don't scroll this far into any post.)* *The prize* As always: Leave no trace . #county10 #news