South Riverton, Arapahoe new areas of concern for flooding; National Guard Arrives

*Feature Photo: Personnel from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) were monitoring the Little Wind River using a computerized float. The pair were measuring the discharge speed and depth of the river. (Pitchengine Communities) * (Riverton, Wyo.) -- Attention in the Fremont County Flood of 2016 is now directed at the areas between Hudson and Riverton, including the lowlands along the Little and Big Wind Rivers. Most of the flooding has occurred along the Little Wind, which has not yet reached it crest. According to the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Riverton, the new flood crest is estimated at 10.1 feet, which 2.1 feet above flood stage. The crest is anticipated to occur sometime Sunday evening. The river is expected to remain above flood stage through Monday evening. Sandbag stations are now available in Riverton at the county fairgrounds main parking lot, at the Lander City Shop near SageWest Hospital, at the Frermont County Road and Bridge Shop on the west side of Lander, the Hudson City Shop, EST Construction at Fort Washakie and at St. Stephens School on the north side of the bus garage. Flood waters have receded a bit in Hudson, but "looky loos" are being discouraged as traffic has been interfering with law enforcement activity in that town. Residents are urged not to travel to the flooded areas "for a look." For that reason, a No Unnecessary Travel advisory has been posted for Hudson, Arapahoe and Riverton along the river. At this point, there is no concern about drinking water in Lander or Hudson, but for those residents who have a well in flooded areas, it is advised to boil water before drinking it. For wells where water may have infiltrated, the well water should be tested before being consumed. WYDOT issued the following Safety Tips: • Avoid Floodwater; the water may be contaminated. • Avoid moving water • Be aware of areas where floodwaters have receded. Roads may have weakened and could collapse under the weight of a vehicle. • Service damaged septic tanks, cesspools, pits and leaching systems as soon as possible after flood waters recede. [image: Inline image 1] Volunteers converged on the Gary and Crawford Oldman residence to sandbag that home and others in the area. (Pitchengine Communities) [image: Inline image 2] Flooding in the river bottom below the Arapahoe School (Pitchengine Communities) [image: Inline image 3] This abandoned homestead was completely inundated by flood waters (Pitchengine Communities) [image: Inline image 4] Wyoming National Guard Soldiers from Gillette arrived today to help with filling sandbags. This site opened late this afternoon at the Fremont