All My Relations pathway has reopened

*Feature Photo: Jordan Peck supplied this photo of water covering the All My Relations pathway over the weekend. The river has since receded. Pathway users are urged to take care and avoid the underpass if it is covered with water. (Jordan Peck / Pitchengine Communities) * (Riverton, Wyo.) - The biking/walking path adjacent to Wyoming 789 known as the All My Relations pathway has reopened south of Riverton. The path was closed by WTDOT officials Sunday afternoon after rising river flows in the Little Wind River covered the path with about two feet of water where it passes underneath the Wyoming 789 bridge. "Please be safe when using the walking path. If water is covering the path, avoid using it," Riverton Maintenance Foreman Robin Clapp said. WYDOT officials are continuing to monitor water levels in the Little Wind River. #county10 #news