Is your drinking water safe?

(Fremont County - Fremont County Public Health has issued an advisory today to ensure that drinking water supplies are safe in the wake of this past weekend's flood event. The city drinking water supplies in Hudson and Lander remain safe at this time, but Public Health is offering the following suggestion. "If you have any reason to believe your drinking supply, whether it is a private well or cistern has been compromised by the flood water, then please boil your water 3 to 5 minutes until you have your drinking water tested by a laboratory," a news release indicated. "Failure to boil water could pose serious health risks, especially for very old and very young persons, or persons of any age with weakened immune systems." Further, "if any household food items have been compromised by flood water, even canned goods, they need to be disinfected with one part bleach and two parts water before opening the container. All other food, needs to be discarded, if it was in contact with flood waters." Further information regarding water well testing will be made available when we have further information. Fremont County Public Health will continue to update its Facebook page , as more information is given to us. You can find us at Fremont County Public Health/Facebook, or call 856-6979 or 332-1073 for more information. #county10 #news