Local waters continue to drop; Preparation begins for more spring runoff

Water levels in rivers and streams are continuing to drop across Fremont County, weather reports are calling for improved weather, and the Fremont County Sheriff's Office Incident Command Team is moving toward preparing for future spring runoff caused by expected snow melt and high water. According to Nick Hudson of Lander, Incident Commander of the 2016 May Flood in Fremont County, flood operations work have slowed since Sunday night. "Planning is under way to finish this operation, though the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security will remain in Lander to support ongoing preemptive efforts to be prepared for expected high water from snow melt runoff in the coming weeks," Hudson said. Several Incident Command Team operations are continuing in the Hudson area, and these operations are being undertaken to protect the Hudson water treatment plan from future high-water events. "A preemptive levy to shore up the river line is being built near the Hudson water treatment plant, and pumping operations are under way to move standing water away from the water treatment facility. Relief pumping operations are also under way to protect some critical City of Lander infrastructure," Hudson said. Job Corps student volunteers are also filling sandbags and placing them on pallets for future use at the Fremont County Fairgrounds in Riverton. [image: Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 3.49.56 PM.png] *Photos: Students from the Wind River Job Corps joined the Wyoming National Guard in filling sandbags today at the county fairgrounds in Riverton. * #county10 #news