BREAKING: Boarding School Children's Remains to be returned

(Pine Ridge, SD) - A group from the National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition reported this afternoon that the remains of Native American children who died at the Carlisle Indian School in Pennsylvania a century ago will be returned to their respective tribes. Now known as the U.S. Army War College, the 500-acre site was the home of a boarding school for Native American children who were taken from their reservations to be reeducated. Many of the children, including Northern Arapaho, Rosebud, and Northern Cheyenne from this area, died and were buried there. A petition asking for the remains to be returned was presented to Department of Defense officials today. A local delegation of Northern Arapaho headed by Yufna (Soldierwolf) Gonzalez, a leader of the effort, and tribal elders from Wind River attended and reported via their respective Facebook pages that the Department of Defense apologized for the past actions and indicated a process would be established to return the children's remains to their ancestral homes. #county10 #news