PSA from Wind River Tribal Health: Boil Order in effect for Reservation

(Fort Washakie, Wyo.) - The public water systems for the towns of Ft. Washakie, Ethete, and Arapahoe remain safe and uncontaminated by flood waters; however, there is concern for private wells and cisterns in flood impacted areas. Tribal Health is offering the following advisory. Until further notified, all water used for drinking, brushing teeth, cooking, making ice, washing dishes, or used for human consumption etc., shall be boiled for at least three (3) minutes before use. All stored water, drinks, or ice from this water supply shall be discarded If you have any doubts that your water has been compromised, there are water testing kits available. To request water test kits, please call Fremont County Public Health at 856-6979 or 332-1073. Failure to boil water could pose serious health risks, especially for older and younger persons, or persons of any age with weakened immune systems. Again, this is only for private wells or cisterns. #county10 #news