CWC community another victim of the economy; Layoffs began this week

Central Wyoming College this week has begun letting some employees go as budgets for agencies across the state get tighter and tighter. A source close to the situation tells us that as of yesterday six people have been let go and others have taken taken early retirements. The source indicates that another six terminations are expected. CWC Spokeswoman Lori Ridgeway has confirmed that layoffs have begun, but as individuals are still being notified, a final number has not yet been released. "It is a very tough time here as it is in other areas of the state," she said. In a recent CWC Board budget study session, faculty and staff urged administration to create stop-gap measures so that short-notice terminations don't "cause economic and personal ruin." CWC Faculty President Anne Nez asked that those who would be terminated be given a year's notice so they had time to prepare. To pay for the slow reduction, the faculty suggested a 1-2 percent pay cut across the board, from the president to the lowest paid employee. During the May 4 budget session, President Dr. Cristobal Valdez made it clear that reductions were being made across the board, and that percentages of staffing (faculty, classified staff, administration, etc.) would remain about the same. He said the the eight percent budget reductions required by the Governor's Office impact all areas of the college. "This is certainly a challenging time." He said that the administration had considered furloughs, but that didn't solve the long term budget deficit. Additionally, he argued against reducing wages across the board, since the college only recently got the pay scale to an equitable level with similar regional colleges. #county10 #news