Landerite lifts on the national stage

Hawk Cain (24 yrs old) likes lifting weights. The LVHS grad passionately puts in the hours and the work at Crossfit Lander , Cain recently took part in the Wyoming Weightlifting State Championship at Frontier Barbell in Cheyenne and to his surprise: He won his 85 kg (187 lb) weight class. His lifts earned him an invitation to Salt Lake City for his first national meet this past weekend: 2016 USA Weightlifting Championships. At the meet Hawk was able to snatch 122 kg (268 lbs) and 150 kg (330 lbs) for a clean & jerk . Humbly, he shared with us, "I'm not really sure, but for my weight class that put me somewhere in the top 15 nationally." "What's next?" we asked the lifter. "Not really sure, I just got back from the gym and my head's not getting a lot of blood right now. More training and it's probably time to get a job." [image: Hawk lift.jpg] #county10 #news