New Wild Horse Sanctuary set to open in early June

More than two years in the making, the Oldham family is on the brink of opening the Wind River Wild Horse Sanctuary. Dwayne Oldham has been working with the BLM to build the first ever mustang sanctuary on an Indian Reservation. The new sanctuary is home to about 130 wild horses on a collection of properties totaling about 500 acres on the west side of the Wind River Indian Reservation between Lander and Fort Washakie. The sanctuary is approved for up to 150 horses, but the Oldhams are exploring their first year before they decide to add any more. A family operation, three of the Oldham children, Jared, Odessa and Jess, all work on the property when they're in town and not in school. [image: IMG_1203.JPG] All of the horses, Oldham said, come from Wyoming's wilderness. Geldings all, many were attempted to be trained, broken and auctioned by the BLM through places like the Wyoming State Honor Farm in Riverton, but were ultimately unadoptable. Some of the older horses, too old to break, were brought straight from the desert. A requirement of the wild horse sanctuary status is that the property be made available to the public. On Saturday, the Oldhams hosted their first tour groups as a part of the Fremont County Museums and Wind River Visitors Council trekking series. The sanctuary will officially open and hold grand opening festivities on June 4. [image: IMG_1187.JPG] The sanctuary has a visitors' center, which has exhibits that were put together in conjunction with the WRVC and funded in part through grants and matching funds. Playing in the visitors' center are episodes of 'Extreme Mustang Makeover,' showcasing what its like to adopt and train wild horses. For a fee, visitors to the sanctuary can hop on an ATV with a tour guide to drive out into the pastures and get up close and personal with the horses. The horses, being fed over the winter, have calmed some, but still maintain their wild beauty. [image: IMG_1175.JPG][image: IMG_1178.JPG] In addition to being a unique operation in the county, the facility will be yet another reason for Yellowstone tourists to spend more time in Fremont County. [image: IMG_1198.JPG] #county10 #news