County recycling decisions delayed to July; Glass recycling gets an official end date

The Fremont County Solid Waste Disposal District took one step closer to making a decision on the future of recycling in the county, but it will still be a while before final action will be taken. After hearing brief presentations from a community group working on recycling fixes to the special committee assigned to the issue, the District Board voted to discontinue glass recycling by July 1 and leave the rest up for decision at the July 18 board meeting. A couple board members made it clear that in recent years glass collected by the county has not been recycled. It is transferred straight to the landfill. On occasion, the glass would be ground to use for road base on certain small county roads. Most of the board agreed that there is no market for recycled glass to be sold and said eliminating glass from the recycling area will ultimately be more truthful to residents. Two board members voted against setting an end date to glass, while the rest agreed to move forward. The delay was made due to several on-going efforts to find ways to make recycling financially viable. Wyoming Waste Management is reportedly considering some options on how to handle some plastics, paper, cardboard, and metals. The community group led by the Wyoming Outdoor Council has also come to a couple conclusions. Amber Wilson said the community stakeholder committee is committed to finding a way to help Community Entry Services in Riverton continue to sort recycling through the end of the year, either through a revenue stream of some sort or through a community volunteer effort. Wilson also told the board that the 130 community members who showed up to discussions in Lander and Riverton were largely supportive of paying for recycling in some form or fashion. There is potential for a special tax district to be set up to fund recycling, but it would require a vote from the general public. This is yet another idea being explored before the July 18 decision date. *photo: Amber Wilson speaks to the board* #county10 #news