307 Vodka; made from grain to bottle right here in Wyoming

*Greetings! Are you over the age of 21? If so, then please enter, the show is about to start...* *(Wyoming) *- 307 Vodka has officially hit the streets! Made from scratch right here in Wyoming, 307 Vodka is the perfect "go-to" vodka, that is smooth, neutral and mixes great with just about anything. ​Distilled from Backwards Distillery Company out of Casper, Wyoming, 307 Vodka was created in response to the market. "There was a desire for more neutral, casual vodka that would appeal to a larger audience," explained Amber Pollock, owner of Backwards Distillery Company. "This bottle is at an affordable price point and can be found in liquor stores across Wyoming." While considered a premium vodka, 307 Vodka differs greatly from Ringleader, Backwards Distillery's high end vodka. "Ringleader was designed to be more flavorful, an old world style vodka," said Pollock. "Ringleader keeps its character when mixed with a mixer and has a crisp taste with a hint of butterscotch." Pick up a bottle or two and be one of the first to taste part of the 307! And while you're out enjoying what this state has to offer, snap a picture of the bottle on top of a mountain, next to a campfire, or on a fishing boat, (the 307 is basically an unlimited source of inspiration), and tag 307 Vodka's Instagram page . *​* *Like the mysteries of the world, 307 Vodka should be treated with respect, so please drink responsibly!* *Check out all of what Backwards Distillery has to offer, here .*