A little County 10 love!

We received the sweetest email over the weekend and we wanted to share with our readers! Dee Melander sent in these photos along with the following note. *"I had completely forgotten to send the photo at Christmas after my son opened his 'surprise.' You were nice enough to send me two County 10 stickers for his vehicles along with a great note. Eric was born in Lander and even though we moved when he was in first grade he has remained a 'Lander guy' - and this after turning 50 last year. So once again, thanks for making his Christmas of 2015 something to remember."* From the entire Pitchengine team, thank you! Sharing stories and helping people connect with their community is what it's all about! Want a County 10 sticker for your vehicle? Send us your name and address to [image: 215.jpg] #county10 #news