BREAKING: Suspect in Strong Arm Robbery ID'd; Police seek publics help again

*Feature Photo: The male suspect in this surveillance video at right has been identified as Shane Blackburn, 27, of Arapahoe. Police have a warrant and are seeking his whereabouts. (RPD / Pitchengine Communities) * (Riverton, Wyo.) - One of the suspects in a strong arm robbery at Walmart in which a greeter was slammed to the ground has been identified and a warrant issued for his arrest. The RPD issued the following statement this morning: "The Riverton Police Department with the help of the local press and the community have identified the strong armed robbery suspect from the Walmart incident as Shane Blackburn 27-year-old male from Arapahoe, 6’2” 300 pounds. Riverton Police Detective Dan Ladd has secured a Felony Warrant for Shane Blackburn’s arrest and we are asking for the public’s assistance again in finding Shane Blackburn. Please contact Detective Dan Ladd at 856-4891 if you have any information on Shane Blackburns whereabouts. Thank you, Captain Eric Murphy." Read more here . #county10 #news