Sophia Archer family: City of Riverton not responsible for crosswalk improvements

The family of Sophia Archer wants to correct the record regarding how improvements came to be made at the crosswalk where their beloved girl was killed. Sophia's aunt Angela Ladd in a statement on behalf of the family said that improvements came entirely from the community, and not the City of Riverton. A recent K2TV report gave credit to the city for adding lights and orange flags for people to carry across. Ladd says that the Fremont County community donated more than $14,000 to the Purple Hearts for Sophia Fund, which is where the money came from for the lights and signs. "The City of Riverton did not contribute one penny toward the new improvements," Ladd said. "After the signs and lights were purchased, they were installed by volunteers, not by City of Riverton employees." Ladd called the misinformation in the K2TV report a "huge slap in the face to the citizens who donated their hard earned money and valuable time and resources to assist in improving Sophia's Crosswalk." "The citizens, who donated time and money to make the improvements possible, deserve the credit," she said. The information in the K2TV story appears to have removed from the version that the station uploaded to YouTube. The Archer family has filed suit against the City of Riverton, alleging that it failed to properly maintain the crosswalk where Sophia was struck and killed on May 22, 2015. 78-year-old Sandra Jean Pennock, the driver who hit Sophia, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor Vehicular Homicide and was ordered to serve a minimum of six months in jail. #county10 #news