Newell Bundy, PC Law Firm involved in recent Wyoming Supreme Court and Federal District Court decisions

*(Fremont County, Wyo.) *- The lawyers at Newell Bundy, PC have recently achieved notable wins in the Wyoming Supreme Court and the United States District Court for Wyoming. In Kordus v Montes , Bob Bundy successfully argued to the Wyoming Supreme Court that a twelve-year-old girl should not be barred from pursuing a law suit against a surgeon that allegedly botched her appendectomy. The doctor asserted that the girl’s claim should be barred by the Wyoming statute of limitations. The Wyoming Supreme Court agreed with Bundy stating: “We therefore hold that the statute of limitations for minors, Wyo. Stat. Ann. § 1-3- 107(a)(ii), violates Article 1, Section 8 of the Wyoming Constitution. We also hold that the exception now contained in Wyo. Stat. Ann. § 1-3-114 – “except for an action arising from error or omission in the rendering of licensed or certified professional or health care services” – is also constitutionally infirm.” The decision allows the girl’s claim to be heard in the District Court of Sweetwater County where it is scheduled for trial in March, 2017. In Nucor and Farleigh v Petrohawk , Ed Newell convinced the United States District Court for Wyoming that his clients’ claims against a major oil company were also not barred by the statute of limitations. In this case, Nucor and Farleigh owned 25% working interests in a gas well operated by Petrohawk, a subsidiary of multi-billion-dollar corporation BHP Billiton. Petrohawk argued that its alleged failure to pay Nucor and Farleigh for their share of production from the well was barred by a one-year Wyoming statute of limitations. Newell contended that an eight-year statute of limitations applied. The Federal District Court agreed with Newell stating “Applying the eight-year statute of limitations under Wyoming Statute § 1-3-105(a)(2)(B), the plaintiffs are within the statute of limitations as to their claim under the WRPA.” This ruling allowed the case to proceed and it was later settled. *Newell Bundy, PC is a Fremont County law firm with practice areas including personal injury, medical malpractice, corporations, real estate, and commercial litigation.* *Newell Bundy, PC, Attorneys at Law,* 115 North 7th East, Riverton, WY 82501 307-856-4331 Connect with Newell Bundy, PC on facebook ! #sponsored #news #county10