Stotz Equipment; 5 most popular Stihl products for spring yard work

*(Fremont County, Wyo.) -* Now that the forecast is looking more like the spring weather we love, it's time to get outside and do some yard work! Stotz Equipment has everything you need to get your lawn up to par and looking better than your neighbors'! Here are Stotz Equipment's 5 most popular Stihl products used for spring/summer yard work: *1. BG86 Hand Held Blower* - Handheld blower for all around home and farm work. Great for cleaning leaves out of gravel, driveway cleaning, and keep yard and farm equipment clean before parking *2. BR600 Backpack Plower* - Backpack blower for heavy and serious cleaning. large driveways, parking lots, lawns. *3. MS211 Chain Saw* - Has a 16 inch bar, great homeowner saw for cutting firewood, tree pruning, and general yard cleanup. Light weight enough to use on small projects with enough power to handle larger jobs when needed *4. FS50C Trimmer *- Curve shaft trimmer for working around trees, brushes, and side walks. *5. KM130 Kombi *- Kombi power unit attached to multiple different head units.Buy one power unit and add the attachments to save money and storage space. Sweepers, blowers, trimmers, pruners, edgers, all connect to the head unit in under 30 seconds to keep you going. *​Stotz Equipment *is located at 10801 Hwy 789 in Riverton! Connect with them on Facebook !