Dubois volunteers take museum visitors off beaten path

Volunteers from the Dubois Museum Association (DMA) expected to finish work early this week, just in time before the start of tourist season, replacing the damaged boardwalk that takes visitors to the unique historic cabins outside the museum. The rotting and dangerous boardwalk is being upgraded thanks to a $5,000 grant from the Wyoming Community Foundation. Clear weather on Sunday and Monday allowed local artist, historian, and DMA Board member Tom Lucas and his team to remove the damaged boardwalk and replace it with new planks. The work has "been going better than we thought it would go," said Johanna Thompson, the Museum's Visitor Services Coordinator, who actively fulfilled her job title by holding planks as Lucas screwed them down. The replacement proved easier than expected because "the old boardwalk had lots of angles," she explained. "The new one is more like a meandering stream." Also helping with the boardwalk repair were John Angst, Betty Dolcater, Cheryl & Don Schlup, and Doug Valentine. The Opportunity Shop Foundation has also awarded the Museum and the DMA with $3,000 to replace lighting inside some of the historic cabins, which include a school house, a tack room, a homesteader's cabin, and a cabin depicting tie hack history. *Featured photo: Cheryl Schlup watches as Lucas begins demolition of old boardwalk.* *[image: boardwalk1.jpg]* *A damaged section of boardwalk* *h/t Lois Wingerson / Pitchengine Communities* #county10 #news