A look inside the new Wyoming Indian Elementary School

With the last day of school for Wyoming Indian schools right around the corner, the students at the elementary have the luxury of watching the demolition of their old school right from the new building's front windows. Small demolition on the old building started last Monday and will go on until a parking lot takes the location of where the old building sits right now. [image: dc1b6ba5-78f9-464f-b47f-f72ad2117825.jpg] The students moved into the new facility on April; the public will be invited to a grand opening celebration near the start of the new school year. But in the meantime, Principal Scott Morrow gave us a tour of the new facility, and this is what we saw. The library is quite spacious and has a comfortable quiet feeling as all libraries should. [image: 9ec5eea3-4871-478e-81ea-cbe2b87de994.jpg] Each hallway has native art designs cut right into the floors. Principal Morrow said "the staff, community, and board all gave input for the art inside every room." As we walked down the hallways we noticed all the name tags were unique with a teepee on each. [image: 70d3eec2-039d-4aa1-b638-2cd4c69ec8fc.jpg] The new elementary houses grades preschool through fifth grade. "This is the preschool room," Morrow said. "We have room for 25 for the preschool." The preschool was furnished by a grant offered by BOCES. The staff was able to purchase sleeping mats, a reading loft, house furniture, a camcorder, and graduation gowns and tassels. [image: f9d00c1e-b06b-408b-802f-e798e1d6216c.jpg] When the kids return from summer vacation the new school will have two separate playgrounds with a basketball court, climbing wall, swings, and a slide. Money saved in reserves was put toward school enhancements. There is a science center in each hallway, a large flat screen TV in each classroom, a kiln in the art classroom, and a nice stage with movie screen and projectors which will host all the school programs and concerts. [image: fa65346e-4455-4506-a229-d40f699a6f3f.jpg] School will resume on August 22, which is just enough time to get all the little extras complete for the new Wyoming Indian Elementary School. #Perez #county10 #news