Flood and runoff update; Mayor praises community response

(Lander,Wyo.) - The Lander Fire Department Administrator Nick Hudson shared an update on the flood damage and potential run-off impact at last night's City Council meeting. He said the Private Damage Assessment began early last week which involved FEMA assessing damaged homes in Hudson and Lander. Based off of the preliminary estimates of the damage assessment, Hudson said "there is not enough damage to justify a national declaration of disaster." The Public Damage Assessment has also been performed and the largest impact noted is "sloughing of banks" along the Little Popo Agie and also areas of Squaw Creek and Baldwin Creek roads. Hudson noted there has been "a lot of erosion on these parts." As far as the potential for heavy run-off, Hudson noted there hasn't been as much run-off as expected, crediting the latest cold front in helping to keep the run-off controlled. City Engineer/Public Works Director Lance Hopkin commented on the status of the Frye and Worland Reservoirs. He said when he was up there over the weekend there was still 3 feet of snow pack on the reservoirs."There's still a lot of water to come down," he said. [image: 0 (3).jpg] Finally, Mayor Del McOmie took a moment to highlight the various entities who stepped in quickly and professionally with the flood event recovery. "I would like to thank all involved - The National Guard, The Red Cross, WYDOT, community citizens - folks from all over came to help us. We saw citizens helping citizens and I'm grateful for that," he said. #county10 #news