Wind River High celebrates the year's athletes

Over 200 supporters of Wind River High School celebrated their student-athletes last night at the Sport's Banquet. Students who participated in sports throughout the year were recognized. Thank you for the community support throughout the seasons! Pictured: Students receiving the "3 Sports Award" for participating in a sport during the fall, winter and spring seasons. Left to Right: Shandi Nacota, JayLynn Fighting Bear, Vonnie Capitan, Madison David, Kodi Anesi, Taylor Tidzump, Xavior Oats, Ryan Jordan, Morgan Miller, Kyle Hessling, Caleb C'Bearing, Alexis Herbert, Megan Longtine, Joden James, Ben Hoopengarner and Justin Walker, Activities Director. Not pictured: Layne Sanderson *h/t Ceatriss Wall / Pitchengine Communities* #county10 #news