BREAKING: Scam Alert: County Deputies do not solicit money over the phone; Caller ID is fake

The Fremont County Sheriff's Office is alerting all Residents of a telephone scam occurring in our area today. In a special statement issued this afternoon, unknown person(s) are calling and identifying themselves as a Fremont County Deputy Sheriff. The scammer informs the intended victim that they will be arrested immediately if they do not proceed to a local Western Union Station and obtain bond vouchers or other forms of payment. The Scammer informs the victim that the payment is being made to satisfy a false Arrest Warrant, or a fabricated Civil Issue. The criminal is going so far as using the real names of local Deputy Sheriff's that might be familiar to the victim, thus making the victim feel as though they are actually speaking with one of their local Deputy Sheriffs. "THE FREMONT COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE WOULD NEVER SOLICIT PAYMENT OVER THE TELEPHONE OR CALL TO DEMAND YOU WIRE MONEY FOR ANY REASON." (emphasis from the news release) If you receive a call from a person identifying themselves as a Fremont County Deputy Sheriff and they demand payment in lieu of arrest or other penalties HANG UP, this is a scam. #county10 #news