White Buffalo Recovery House to aid in the steps toward sobriety

For those battling addiction, the steps towards sobriety can be difficult. While attending an inpatient facility to learn how to treat and manage an addiction is a positive life changing decision, the transition from a controlled environment to home can be difficult. Individuals go from a structured schedule where their only concern is their well-being to now having to worry about adjusting to their previous living environment or finding a new home. This is where the trouble can start, White Buffalo Recovery Center Director Sunny Goggles said. “Addictions thrive in chaos.” To ease that burden, Goggles program launched the White Buffalo Recovery House. Located behind their office in Arapahoe, the 24 hour transitional house is a program to help individuals who are on their way or returning from an inpatient treatment facility. Featuring four male, four female and four crisis beds, clients can stay up to 90 days and will participate in treatment programs, job training and recreational activities to help adjust to their new lives. The house will have a full-time transitional manager who will create a structured, safe and therapeutic environment. “We want people to be successful,” Goggles said. For Case Manager Jane Dewey, having a recovery house on the Wind River Indian Reservation will hopefully remind individuals who are struggling with addiction that help isn’t too far away. “There is help here,” she said. The recovery house is part of a five year plan to build a 50 bed inpatient treatment facility on Wind River. Every year, White Buffalo sends over 100 individuals to facilities in Cheyenne, Casper, Sheridan and Rock Springs, Goggles said. Having a local facility will not only help White Buffalo treat more individuals but it will also educate the community. To staff the program, White Buffalo is partnering with the University of South Dakota in creating a cohort where individuals will earn bachelors and master’s degrees in counseling services. Goggles hopes these efforts will have a positive impact. “It’s going to bring back those community members that we all need and love,” she said. White Buffalo along with the Northern Arapaho Tribe and Generation 8 Society is also hosting a Community Healing Gathering on June 13-16 at the Wind River Hotel and Casino. Participants must commit to the full four days where they will learn to utilize the Mending Broken Hearts Curriculum about unresolved grief and historical trauma. Breaking up into small groups, Case Manager Brian Enos said, participants learn to talk about things that hurt not only themselves but their families. “It gets people to open up,” he said. “We’re here to support our tribal members.” Space for the June event is limited to 100 participants so interested individuals can register at the Wellness Department in the 789 Smokeshop and Casino, White Buffalo recovery Center in Arapahoe, Generation 8 Society at St. Michaels in Ethete or by calling 307-856-0470. White Buffalo Recovery House is also looking for donations including kitchen items, plates and dressers. To make a donation or for more information, please contact Goggles at 307-856-0470. #wrhc #sponsored #news #county10