Locals pick up baby antelope; They'd "do it again tomorrow."

(Fremont County, Wyo.) - Earlier today, County 10 reported that a family showed up to Lip Rippers bait and tackle shop near Shoshoni with a baby antelope in their car. Read the initial story here . Phil Garhart, a Wyoming native who lives in Ethete and is the HR and Activities Director at Wyoming Indian High School is the man who picked up the baby antelope this afternoon. He reached out to County 10 to share his side of the story. "[My wife and I] were just pulling out of Shoshoni, and about 1/2 out we saw something in the oncoming lane. We pulled up a little closer and saw it was a baby antelope. He was so tiny and skinny. I saw the oncoming traffic was a pickup truck pulling a camper and two semis, and I just couldn't stand to sit and watch someone run over it. So I went over, grabbed him and jumped back into my truck. We looked around and we didn't see any antelope anywhere so we took him back to the bait and tackle shop and called Game and Fish and police right away." Phil explained that Game and Fish showed up right away and together they put the baby antelope back near where the antelope was initially picked up. He noted there were still no other antelope around. When asked how he would respond to the negative comments towards his actions Phil said, "I'm a Wyoming Native and I understand wildlife very well. I'm a hunter and fisherman. I see my actions as aiding an animal, not harassing. It was a matter of him dying right there or getting him out of the situation. I'd do it again tomorrow." Phil also noted that this was a "split second decision" and there "wouldn't have been time to flag down the oncoming traffic or try to aide the antelope in walking off of the highway." He said, "that baby was going to be dead in a few seconds." Phil estimates that the antelope looked to be about one day old. "He still had the umbilical cord on him." He was cited $420 and he will be taken to court. He says he "looks forward to a jury trial because I'd like to have my peers in there listening to my side of the story." Phil was traveling with his wife and three dogs. *Photo h/t Crystal Knigge / Pitchengine Communities* #county10 #buckrail #reboot #oilcity #springcity #dally #county17 #shortgo #news