Recent Arrests in Fremont County

Here is the report of weekend arrests around the county from local enforcement agencies. All persons arrested or cited are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. *Fremont County Sheriff's Office* There were no arrests in the last four days. The Fremont County Detention Center in Lander currently is responsible for 162 inmates. Of those, 144 are in the Lander jail, 16 are in substance abuse treatment programs around the state and two inmates are being housed outside of the facility. *Calls of note: * A report of a school bus allegedly speeding north of Riverton was unfounded. Video verified that the school bus was obeying the speed limit. A Pavillion resident reported that an unauthorized person used his wife's credit card in Colorado. A number of subjects set up a camp and began shooting a .22 into a hillside near the southern end of Red Canyon. The subjects were advised camping was not allowed at that location and to use caution when discharging their firearm. Deputies are investigating a one-vehicle rollover south of South Pass City. Four Lander men, ages 19, 20, 20 and 21 rolled a 2008 Dodge Truck. One of the 20-year-old men was hospitalized with a back injury, the remaining individuals were uninjured. *Riverton Police Department* There is no report from the RPD today. The weekend arrests will be reported on Wednesday. *Lander Police Department* A 34-year-old female of Lander, April Garcia was cited for possession of marijuana. A 20-year-old female of Lander, Macey Merling was cited for minor in possession. Two 13-year-old males of Ethete and Fort Washakie was cited for curfew violations. The paretns were contacted and picked up boys. A 29-year-old female, Jessica Teton, of Fort Washakie was arrested for DUI and was cited for DUS, no proof of insurance, interlock device required, Interference and failure to maintain lane. A 33-year-old female, Christine Nardi, of Lander was arrested for public intoxication, disturbance of peace, assault & battery, disobey of lawful order and resisting arrest. A 20-year-old male of Lander, Bronco Lonebear was arrested for minor in possession. A 24-year-old male of Lander, Matthew Bishop was arrested on a Fremont County Sheriffs Office warrant. A 23-year-old male of Lander, Daniel Washington was arrested for public intoxication and disturbance of peace. There was a crash on 485 Main St. at Ace Hardware. A 57-year-old male of Lander, Allen Brown was cited for a hit and run. In the 900 block of Cascade, a 19-year-old male of Lander, Lane Brister was cited for property destruction. And 18-year-old male of Lander, Austin McMurray was also cited for property destruction (paintballs to vehicles). [image: d59a22eb-a6ee-4b18-bfa5-76806539aecc.png] #county10 #news