It's time to prevent a major mosquito infestation this spring, summer

(Fremont County, Wyo.) - Now that the immediate threat of flooding has abated, there's plenty of standing water about. That means breeding opportunities for mosquitos. Now is the ideal time for mosquito prevention by treating standing pools of water. The north east section of Riverton has been one of the highest mosquito count areas and has been particularly bad the last few years. Now that all kindergarten classes in Riverton will be at the Aspen Park Elementary this fall, this location is especially concerning for the spread of West Nile virus. Larvacide tablets may be purchased at local stores. Fremont County Weed and Pest suggests residents drain any standing water on their property or property that you may manage. Let's be responsible landowners and make this area safe to enjoy the outdoors when the weather is nice. The fogging alone has not proven to control the numbers and we need a more collective approach. h/t Michael Patterson [image: 56a0db25-c572-49c1-8a26-9a7ccd2ddd20.png] *Feature Image: A Culex getting a blood meal. (PublicDomainImages /