Jalen Abeyta arrested for aggravated assault and battery; Victim suffers skull fracture

(Riverton, Wyo.) - On Monday, May 30th Jalene Abeyta was arrested on two counts of aggregated assault and battery in Riverton. According to court documents, officers responded to a report of what sounded like a family fight coming from an apartment on Spire Drive in Riverton. Upon arrival, a 27 year old woman answered the door and reported that "her ex had just taken off and that she hoped he was gone." She told officers that her boyfriend, who wishes to remain anonymous, was in the bathroom "he was assaulted by [my] ex." An officer went to check on the male victim in the bathroom. The male victim was showering and could be hear "moaning over the sound of the water running." The officer became concerned that the male had been involved in the reported fight and may be injured. There was blood dripping down the front of his face and there appeared to be a large laceration on the top of his head. Due to the amount of blood, the officer was unable to see if there were multiple injuries to his head. The male victim told officers that he could not remember any of the events because he was sleeping. He reported that he was in a lot of pain. According to the police report officers observed "red marks on the victim's back that appeared to be hammer head marks, however officers did not locate a hammer in or outside of the residence. The woman told officers that she witnessed "Abeyta [grab] an X-Box and [smash] it on Brown's head." She reiterated that it was difficult to see because they were sleeping when the attack occurred and the room was dark. After the contact with victims, officers discovered that the suspect was Abeyta and his vehicle was still parked in the parking lot outside of the apartment building. While two officers were providing security for the crime scene, they observed a male subject walking towards the suspect's vehicle. The male then looked over and observed the officers and began running away from their location. A foot chase ensued and after giving the subject several order to stop, an officer removed his department issued taser and activated his laser display and pointed it at the back of Abeyta. Abeyta then stopped running and complied with officers orders. The male victim was taken to the Riverton Hospital and subsequently transported to Casper due to the severity of his injuries. He suffered a serious skull fracture and needed further care. The victim's mother told County 10 that she believes "Abeyta was trying to kill my son. He came into the home while my son was sleeping. This was a brutal and vicious attack." She said that in addition to the skull fracture, her son needed 35 stitches to his left ear, his left elbow had a large gash, and there were multiple round circles on his back. "He's lucky to be alive." She told County 10 that she doesn't want this attack to be minimized and she wants the attacker to be held accountable. The Riverton Police Department tells County 10 that the case is still under investigation. More information will be released as it becomes available. #county10 #news