UPDATE: Baby Antelope who was picked up by humans is confirmed dead

Game & Fish Lander Region Spokeswoman Rene Schell confirmed with County 10 this evening that the baby antelope, who had been picked up by two locals exactly one week ago, died on Sunday, May 29. "After the incident, Game and Fish Game Warden Jessica Beecham tracked the baby antelope closely and witnessed a doe around the baby antelope on Saturday evening and most of Sunday," Schell told County 10 this afternoon. "We believe the baby most likely died from stress." Schell noted, "Of course we're sad for the antelope, but we're hopeful this incident, coupled with the Yellowstone bison incident , will teach people that it is not ok to touch newborn wildlife." Game and Fish cautions against picking up newborns because of potential harm to the animals and reminds folks that picking up game animals is against the law, regardless if people think the animal has been abandoned by its mother. According to Game and Fish, state and federal laws prohibit the possession of game and many non-game species. #county10 #news