New wild horse sanctuary officially open

Saturday was the grand opening of the Wind River Wild Horse Sanctuary. Today has been a long time coming for the Oldham family, as they have been working on this project for about two and a half years. It all started with their agreement with the Bureau of Land Management. In October, they got the first wild horses on their property and today they are caring for 131 horses. Most of the horses are originally from Wyoming, however there are a few that are from Nevada as well. They are using 7 of their pastures that combine to be over 900 acres for these horses to graze on. [image: whs1.jpg] At the grand opening events there were plenty of activities for families. There were wagon rides out into the field where the horses were, a corral with a Shetland pony that kids could pet as well as a trained wild mustang that kids were allowed to sit on and go for a walk on. The visitor center is full of great information and a history of wild horses. This is a beautiful location that offers a unique experience that very few people get to see. This project isn’t as simple as just letting a bunch of horses eat their weeds either, they genuinely care about these horses and this sanctuary. Double D ranch, which is owned by the Oldham family, vaccinates these horses to protect against dangerous diseases; they also use a branding method that is less traumatic for horses that is called “cold branding.” This branding method just changes the hair color where the brand was applied. [image: whs.jpg] A little bit of history about the wild horses in Wyoming: The Spaniards moved north in the early 1600’s after conquering the Aztec Empire. The Spaniards had a monopoly on horses; however with their open range grazing technique caused them to lose a fair amount of livestock. The population of wild horses began to multiply from there. Wild horse populations can double every four years. #simon #county10 #news