Riverton Kiwanis: Kids Hooked on Fishing

As many of you know, Saturday was Free Fishing Day in Wyoming. To celebrate, the Kiwanis club in Riverton hosted its annual kids fishing derby. The turnout was great at the derby as 90 kids were signed up to fish. There were also almost 120 fishing poles given out to participants who did not have their own supplies on hand. Some of the fish that were caught were impressive even to Paul Gerrity who is a Fisheries Biologist for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. Paul said that he has been attending this event for 8 years now and that the 18 inch bass was the biggest bass he had seen come out of the Rendezvous Ponds on the day of the fishing derby. He did mention however that there are some bass in the ponds that are over 20 inches in length. [image: FD2.jpg] The derby fishing competition was broken down into four age groups which were classified as follows: 1-4 year olds, 5-7 year olds, 8-9 year olds and 10-12+ year olds. Each age group had 4 prize winners based on the length of their fish. The winners for each age group are as follows: 1-4 year olds: 1st place: Tristan Dornblazer with a 24 ½ inch Carp 2nd place: Carsen Simon with an 18 inch Bass 3rd place: Xaviar Phillips with a 17 inch Bass 4th place: Jaxon Lemley with a 13 ¼ inch Carp [image: FD1.jpg] 5-7 year olds: 1st place: Christopher Dahle with a 19 ¾ inch Carp 2nd place: Katie Edwards with a 13 ½ inch Bass 3rd place: Ashton Barker with a 13 ¼ inch Carp 4th place: Loahnezz Meeks with a 11 ¾ inch Carp 8-9 year olds: 1st place: Tate Green with a 10 ¾ inch Bass 1st place: Patrick Dornblazer with a 10 ¾ inch Bass 2nd place: Quiana Piper with a 6 ½ inch Sunfish 3rd place: Trevin Chippewa with a 4 ¾ Sunfish 4th place: Hailey Engstrom with a 4 ¼ inch Sunfish 10-12+ year olds: 1st place: Kristena Dickinson with a 12 inch Carp 2nd place: Devon Cross with a 9 ½ Trout 3rd place: Jason Slowbear with a 8 ¾ inch Trout 4th place: Kylie Atherton with a 8 ¼ Bass [image: IMG_20160604_085517346_HDR.jpg] *photo above h/t Sandy Leurs / other h/t Adam Simon / Pitchengine Communities* #simon #county10 #news