Explore Wyoming’s Wind River Indian Reservation with New Driving Map

*(Fremont County, Wyo.) -* Wyoming’s Wind River Indian Reservation encompasses more than 2.2 million acres and dozens of cultural and historical attractions and events. The idea of exploring this important piece of Wind River Country /Fremont County could be intimidating were it not for the invaluable tool awaiting you at the Riverton , Lander , and Dubois Chambers of Commerce. Visitors to the Reservation can navigate all the history and culture, art and scenery that it has to offer with a thoroughly researched Wind River Reservation Driving Map in hand. The full-size driving map, created by the Wind River Visitors Council in conjunction with the Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office and Wyoming Office of Tourism this year, includes points of interest like the new Wind River Wild Horse Sanctuary, Castle Gardens rock art site, powwow grounds and powwow details, and famous Native American Sacajawea’s grave site. Each site identified on the map is accompanied by a brief description and specific driving directions. The map also includes tips to ensure visitors have an enjoyable experience by following guidelines. For example, it outlines the need for a tribal fishing license before venturing into the mountains, and it advises that it is appropriate to ask permission before photographing a Native American dance event. This resource should encourage travelers in Wind River Country to explore the extent of the area with confidence and curiosity, the entire Wind River Country community and guests alike. *About Wyoming’s Wind River Country* - Wyoming’s Wind River Country is the authentic, untamed West. It holds the answers to your adventurous spirit. Come discover new things like the best route to Yellowstone, see an Indian powwow, ride a horse or holler at a rodeo, pan for real gold, and hike in country that will take your breath away. Find the pace to think, the room to breathe, and the uncontrived adventure to rejuvenate your soul in Wind River Country . *Keep in touch with Wind River Country:* Facebook – Fan us! You Tube – Watch us! Twitter – Follow us! #wrvc #sponsored #news #county10