5 beautiful shots of County 10 wildlife that'll make you say "Awww!"

(Fremont County, Wyo.) - Wyoming, especially County 10 country, has some of the most beautiful wildlife around. Many of our readers have taken some stunning, and often adorable, photos of our local wildlife. Here are our 5 favorite photos sent in from readers like you. If you have a photo to share, submit it here . *1. This picture was taken about 3:30 am up near the lander hospital on buena vista. The mom was close by. Was laying in the gutter by the curb. *h/t Marshall Gdula [image: image214 (1).jpg] *2. Western Tanager visiting our yard Saturday morning. *h/t Carol Brodle [image: western_tanager.jpg] 3. *Just hatched baby seagull. *h/t Christy Pena [image: image.jpeg217.jpg] *4. Bighorn Lambs nursing in Dubois. *h/t Bill Sincavage[image: milk_time_2 (1).jpg] *5. **Had an out loud "whoa!" moment this morning when I saw this guy perched up against my mobile home out here at the South Pass rest area.* I thought it was a big ol' beautiful butterfly at first (hence the file names), but the antenna and legs/butt make me think it's a moth. I've never seen a moth quite like this one. He was easily bigger than my palm. h/t Andrew Call[image: Untitled design (32).png] #county10 #news #snapped