Lander Rural gets hands-on structure fire training

Last night, Lander Rural Firefighters got a rare opportunity: structure fire training in a real, intact building. A homeowner out on Deadman Gulch Road outside of town has a home that is slated for demolition later this week, but before it was torn down, he let the rural volunteers tear through it for training. [image: Training 6.7 (4).JPG] Lander Rural Chief Nick Johnson said a smoke machine was set up in the building to simulate a fire without the danger of heat and toxins. The responding volunteers did not know what to expect when they arrived. The firefighters got to practice vertical ventilation, horizontal ventilation, forcing entry, breaching walls, search and rescue techniques and self-extrication techniques, like getting out of windows in touch situations. [image: Training 6.7 (6).JPG][image: Training 6.7 (22).JPG] *photos h/t Jim Moore / Pitchengine Communities* #county10 #news