BREAKING: Ethete toddler dies overnight

A toddler from the Ethete area, who just celebrated her third birthday days ago, was found early this morning not breathing and unconscious, sources tell County 10. “We put her down to bed at midnight last night and then checked on her at 2. She was gone,” a family member said. The little girl reportedly was rushed by vehicle to the emergency room, and while on the way a BIA police officer was located and CPR was then performed. Sources report that with no response, she was then taken to SageWest Lander where she was pronounced dead. According to dispatch records, the Fremont County Coroner was notified of a death in Ethete at 3:06 a.m. There is reportedly an ongoing investigation, and no other information is available at this time. The BIA and FBI have not yet returned requests for comment. #county10 #news