Four vehicles involved in construction zone wreck near Moneta

This morning's four-vehicle wreck on Highway 20/26 at Moneta was caused due to driver inattention, the Wyoming Highway Patrol reports. Trooper Robert Henry said that a line of vehicles were stopped at a construction zone when the driver of a pick-up truck drove into the back of the last stopped car while driving about 50 mph. Henry said the driver had not seen the line cars in front of him, and when he hit the rearmost car, it caused a chain reaction and resulted in damage to more vehicles in the line. The first vehicle that was hit was a small Dodge Neon. Henry said the driver had to be extricated due to the crunch. The man was complaining of pain in his neck and back and was ultimately flown to Casper for care. There were no other injuries. The driver of the pick-up truck was cited for Following Too Close. #county10 #news