New program helps students achieve high school equivalency certificates

*Feature Image: Instructor Ron Hutchinson, students Stefanie Big Medicine, Rhiannon Bell and Bridgette Shangreaux / Pitchengine Communities* *(Fremont County, Wyo.) -* Students are half way through completing a Pilot Program where they will earn their High School equivalency certificate. The partnership between Central Wyoming College and the Wind River Hotel and Casino attracted 12 students who began the program in March. Students earned incentives, such as gas cards, as they progressed through the program which ends in June. Human Resources Assistant Director April Goggles hopes this is a successful start for not only the students but the program. “We are hoping that this class completes and that it continues to grow,” she said. “I’m glad that this is something the casino decided to do to help our people pursue education opportunities.” Future students interested in the program can reach Goggles at 307-857-9441. #wrhc #news #county10