An "amateur's perspective" on how the Cowboy Tough Adventure Race works

Unlike other races, the Cowboy Tough Adventure Race competitors will receive no knowledge of the race route until the day of the event. The morning of the first day, the athletes will be handed maps of the course. Using only a map and a compass the teams must plot the checkpoints for the next 3.5 days that are given in UTM coordinates. “Usually the mandatory points are fairly easy to find and then there are optional points you can get that are a bit harder.” said Adrian Gerrits, three time Cowboy Tough Adventure Race competitor, “Typically getting the optional points means that you're going to be going 24hrs a day with anywhere from a 15 minute nap to a 3 hour restful sleep.” At the end of every day athletes get access to their gear bins, where they re-stock their packs with essential items, and have access to a sleeping bag. Little sleep, no GPS, and unpredictable weather conditions are just a few elements that make the Cowboy Tough Adventure Race one of the most grueling competitions. For many competitors the only goal is to complete the race… “Typically there are only a few teams that are good enough to gather all the points, the rest of us are just trying to survive and do the best we can.” -Gerrits *Feature Image: h/t Adrian Gerrits * #cowboytough #sponsored #county10 #oilcity #reboot #buckrail #dally #springcity #shortgo #county17 #news