Former Submarine Commander and Lander resident presented with Quilt of Valor

A former Lander resident was surprised today by friends with a Quilt of Valor presentation while he is in town for a visit. Jay Perkins, who served 24 years with the U.S. Navy including through the Vietnam War and who retired as a Submarine Commander, did not see the surprise gift coming. A family friend, Sheri Essen, made the quilt through the local Quilts of Valor program, and presented it to him herself this afternoon. It was Sheri's first full quilt. [image: IMG_1455.JPG] Perkins, a Greybull native who spent 12 years in Lander, now lives in Arizona. He's been battling an incurable cancer for the last nine and a half years; he spends much of his retirement traveling to speak with others about how to fight cancer with a positive attitude. He recently spoke to a crowd of 1,700 in Arizona. This week he and his wife are visiting Essen and helping around the house. A service man who keeps on serving, he said he'd join the Navy again tomorrow if he could. [image: IMG_1460.JPG] According to the National Quilts of Valor organization, the quilts are meant as gifts of comfort and healing for service men and veterans. #county10 #news