Eastern Shoshone General Council suspends casino GM, fires CFO

According to multiple sources, the Eastern Shoshone Tribal General Council took serious action on Saturday morning against two top members of the Shoshone Rose Casino staff. With a quorum of the minimum 75 tribal members, the General Council suspended SRC General Manager Bob Pokorney from his post for two months pending a corruption investigation by the tribe's attorney. The motions were made alleging that Pokorney failed to keep the people informed and that he failed to practice Indian preference in gaming laws. In addition to suspending Pokorney, the tribe voted to terminate the casino's CFO Deirdre Bobbie McGray. Calls to Shoshone Business Council Chairman Darwin St. Clair were not immediately returned. More information will be reported when it becomes available. *photo: Bob Pokorney at the construction site of the Shoshone Rose Casino expansion* #county10 #bootstrapped #news