Local auctioneer facing civil and criminal suits

A local auctioneer is dealing with both civil and criminal issues regarding non-payment to clients. Clyde Stone of Stone's Auction Company was arrested on Monday for a felony fraud charge. Stone is charged with Fraud by Check, which comes with a punishment of up to 10 years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine. He allegedly wrote an insufficient funds check to a client for $5,651.15 last fall. The threshold for a felony. During his initial appearance on Tuesday, Stone said he had the money to pay the client right there, but Judge Robert Denhardt said it didn't matter because this was a criminal matter, not a civil one. Stone had been ordered to show up in court on Monday morning, but he failed to do so and an arrest warrant was issued. He is currently out on bond. Stone will not enter a plea until the case moves to District Court. In addition to other small claims matters, Stone is in the midst of a civil suit with another former client over more than $140,000. In District Court today, Stone provided accounting records to the other party that showed payment of at least $85,000, leaving about $58,000. The matter was continued until the accounting records could be more fully reviewed. *photo h/t hxdbzxy / * #county10 #news