Local Sportsmetrics™ Program reduces student-athletes’ risk of injury and boosts performance

*(Fremont County, Wyo.) *- Athletes are always pushing to jump higher, run faster and be stronger. What better way to set them up for success than to provide them with education and training to help them perform better and reduce their risk of injury. Fremont Therapy and Lander Valley High School are teaming up to offer off-season injury prevention and performance programs to area athletes. Sportsmetrics™ programs are scientifically based and proven to reduce injuries while improving sport-specific performance. The programs are designed and structured to help female and male athletes of any age improve technique development and enhance their performance. Fremont Therapy Group’s clinics in Lander, Rawlins and Riverton are Sportsmetrics™ certified. Tom Davis, PT, DPT, MS, CSCS in Lander, Kati Quayle, PT, DPT and Whittney Gomendi-Smith, PT, DPT, in Riverton clinic, and Zac Olivarez, ATC, LAT in Rawlins completed the comprehensive curriculum required to become certified trainers. Sportsmetrics™ trainers must have a degree in the physical therapy or athletic training field. Adam Simon, ATC is Fremont Therapy’s newest addition to the sports therapy program who will be working with local athletes to recover from their injuries and enhance performance. ​ How will our Sportsmetrics™ programs help your student athlete? - 1st — Our trainers will record how each athlete performs dynamic activities and we’ll focus on correct movement patterns during dynamic jumping techniques. This reduces risk factors for serious knee injuries like Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tears. - 2nd — We’ll offer guidance through high level jump techniques improving both hip and knee stability through each landing phase. - 3rd —We will focus on speed and agility to improve athletic performance for the individual sport. Help your child take the next step and reduce their risk of injury. The programs will start June 20th in Riverton and June 27th in Lander. Participants will meet three times a week for six weeks. Space is very limited, so be sure to reserve a spot today. For more information about enrollment, please call our Lander clinic at 307-332-5240 or our Riverton clinic at 307-856-7021. #fremonttherapy #sponsored #news #county10