Mosquito fogging has begun in Lander

Mosquito fogging began last night in Lander. The city began at 9 p.m. on the streets below. *North Side* N. 1st Wood Market Jefferson Adams Johnson Clinchard Hobson *South Side* Smith McDougal All streets between S. 9th and McDougal/Smith Fremont St S. 1st Indian Lookout Subdivision Traditionally, fogging happens once a week in addition to larvicide treatment on known places with standing water. Forms are available at Lander City Hall for people who want the fogging to stop in front of their properties. At a certain level of detection of the potential West Nile Virus carrying culex tarsalis mosquitos, opt out forms are no longer honored. For more information, contact the City of Lander. *photo h/t to Rolf E. Staerk/shutterstock* #county10 #news