Sinks Canyon: A microcosm of tourism in Fremont County

This afternoon we spent about 30 minutes driving through Sinks Canyon outside of Lander to get a feel for how local tourism was looking. And if you've ever wondered if travelers actually spend time locally, here's your answer. In that half-hour block, we 13 different states represented from Bruce's parking lot to Sawmill campground at the mouth of the canyon. Wyoming, of course, was well-represented. Beyond local County 10 plates, Sheridan and Teton counties were seen the most. The other states spotted were: Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Texas. We didn't poll each of the drivers, so there's a chance a couple might live here and haven't changed their registration. But there's no doubt: Fremont County is a national destination. #county10 #news