Suspect in Walmart robbery could get 10 years

The suspect in last month's strong-arm shoplifting incident at Walmart in Riverton has been charged with felony robbery. Should Shane Duane Blackburn, 27, of Arapahoe, be convicted of robbery he could serve up to 10 years in prison. His case has been bound over to District Court, where he will soon enter a plea during arraignment. A date has not yet been set. He is currently being held under a $10,000 cash bond. On May 7, Blackburn allegedly grabbed and threw one of the store's bag checkers while assisting a couple others shoplift. According to the affidavit filed in the case, the suspects filled a backpack they got from the store with meat from the meat aisle. The man and two women allegedly proceeded to the self-checkout and only paid for some of the items. [image: d6a80dc5-ccbb-4353-bbc4-ac140eac574a.png] A 72-year-old bag checker stopped the trio at the doors. "A male is observed on the Wal-Mart surveillance video grabbing (the victim) from behind and throwing him out of the way shortly after (the victim) is observed confronting the females," the affidavit states. "The male is observed using sufficient force to throw (the victim's) body into another shopping cart that is passing by at the time." While the victim ultimately sustained no serious injuries, he reportedly was fearful of being hurt during the attack. It is unclear at this time if the two females have been charged in connection to the incident. #county10 #news