Medals of Valor, competition winners awarded at Wyoming State Fire Convention

This last weekend firefighters from across the state gathered in Riverton for the annual Wyoming Fire Convention and competitions. There were 13 teams from 6 departments throughout the state: 2 teams from Fremont County, 2 teams from Afton, 2 teams from Newcastle, 2 teams from Lander, 2 teams from Wheatland, and 3 teams from Riverton. Fremont County Deputy Chief Dan Oakley and Fremont County Deputy Sheriff Donovan Detimore (pictured above) received Medals of Valor from Wyoming State Fire Marshall Lanny Applegate on Saturday at the awards banquet. [image: FB_IMG_1466442784975.jpg] The teams competed in various drills and awards were given to the top performing teams. Riverton's Team 1 won First Place Overall. The team was made up of: Scott Walters, Mike Hutchison, Cory Lucas, Buddy Armstrong, & Matt Lee. [image: FB_IMG_1466442809686.jpg] Results 1st place overall: Riverton Team 1 Time: 127.66 2nd place overall Fremont County Team 1 Time: 134.72 3rd place overall Afton City Time: 138.36 Replacement Contest 1st place Newcastle Rural Time 29.44 2nd place Afton Rural Time: 30.60 3rd place Afton City Time: 30.91 Wet Test (Ladder) 1st place Fremont County team 1 Time: 17.55 2nd place Newcastle City Time: 18.48 3rd place Riverton Team 1 Time: 18.96 Cellar (Chop) 1st place Riverton team 1 Time: 16.48 2nd place Fremont County team 1 Time: 16.71 3rd place Newcastle City Time: 17.25 Wye Contest 1st place Newcastle City Time: 21.18 2nd place Fremont County team 1 Time: 21.35 3rd place Riverton Team 1 Time: 21.58 Double Male/Double Female (Horn) 1st place Riverton Team 1 Time: 39.21 2nd place Afton City Time 40.08 3rd place Fremont County Team 2 Time: 40.93 The Sportsmanship Trophy went to the Riverton Volunteer Fire Department. The Hardluck Trophy went to Newcastle. All Tournament for the Wyoming Fireman's Association went to and also receiving belt buckles Axe: Mike Hutchison - Riverton Plug: Matt Lee - Riverton Nozzle: Scott Walters - Riverton Breaker: Cory Lucas- Riverton Clamp: Orin Hutchison - Lander *Photos and results h/t Scott Walters* #county10 #news