50 20's era Chevy cars touring through Fremont County

(Fremont County, Wyo.) - You may have seen some of the 20's era Chevy cars rolling through Fremont County over the past couple of days. We, too were wondering what they were doing here... It turns out, there are over fifty 20's era Chevy cars touring Fremont County this week as part of the 25th Annual Vintage Chevrolet Club of America 4 Cylinder Tour which runs June 20 - 24. Follow their trip and see more photos on the Rebels Without A Cause Car Club facebook page. [image: 13510790_1097073563668889_1624082922737191326_n.jpg] [image: 13512030_1097073650335547_8330249514154243140_n.jpg][image: 13524433_1097073667002212_6341411558335505386_n.jpg] #county10 #news #whatshappening