While the flood threat has passed, you might still want to test your well

Fremont County Public Health continues to have water well sampling kits available. While the major threat of flooding has passed, impacted properties may have water well contamination. If you are concerned about your private well, we recommend your well should be tested. Flood waters contain harmful toxins and bacteria that can cause severe illness. Decontamination of household items is also important if flood water impacted your home and property. Soft fabric covered items such as furniture and toys that had contact with flood water should be discarded. Disinfect items with a bleach solution of one tablespoon household chlorine bleach, to one gallon of uncontaminated water, soak for one minute, then allow to air dry. With warmer temperatures, properties impacted by flooding could have problems with mold. Mold can aggravate or increase complications from asthma, allergies and respiratory illnesses. For further information regarding mold removal and clean up, please go to\mold, or call Fremont County Public Health 332-1073 or 856-6979. #county10 #news