Past athlete reflects on her team's Cowboy Tough Adventure Race experience

While athletes prepare for this year’s Cowboy Tough Adventure Race, we asked 2015 Cowboy Tough competitor, Katie Everson, to give us some perspective on what the race is like and how you might prepare for an event like this. Because this race is nearly non-stop for 3.5 days, we wanted to know how Katie, and her partner, Adam Swisher began training for the adventure race. Katie told us they focused on long endurance training. For example, Everson and Swisher spent one day climbing at Wild Iris and then mountain biking from Wild Iris to Fossil Hill and back into Lander. Along with training as a team both Everson and Swisher did a lot of individual training. Katie told us that, “Adam did some Alpine climbing trips into the Winds and worked a NOLS course. I ran the Boston Marathon, a 50k, and did some backpacking trips into the winds.” There are times during the race when athletes physically push themselves for 24 hours at a time, which means what they eat and drink is important to keep up their energy. Katie advised to pack in the calories. In her and Adam’s case this included, KIND Bars, Hammer products (specifically the Hammer recovery drink), and other snacks such as Oreos to help boost the morale. [image: Inline image 2] Although the Cowboy Tough Adventure Race is an arduous undertaking, Katie and Adam made sure to keep the atmosphere light throughout some of the most difficult sections. As the team began a long, hot, 20 mile trek it would’ve been easy to lose motivation, however Katie and Adam just pulled out their matching zebra umbrellas and used them as shade on the hike. In the interview Katie recalled, “the time passing quickly as we chatted about whatever random things popped into our tired and overheated brains. At the end of this section we got COLD Gatorade. I still remember how amazing it tasted.” *Feature Image : h/t Jared Steinman* #cowboytough #sponsored #county10 #oilcity #reboot #buckrail #dally #springcity #shortgo #county17 #news