Sweetwater Garden to host kids workshops every Tuesday!

Stay busy this Summer with kids workshops at Sweetwater Garden! All of the workshops begin at 10:00 a.m. Please bring an old apron or shirt for your child to wear when painting. If your child is under 3 years old, please stay to help them create their project. These workshops don't take long to finish, so please don't drop your child off in hopes of running other errands. *Cost $10.00 per workshop per child* - If you sign up for 3 workshops and prepay- cost: $9.00 per workshop per child - Sign up for all 6 workshops and prepay- cost: $8.00 each per workshop per child *Nature Sun-catcher- Tuesday, June 21* *Your child will create a whimsical sun-catcher to hang from a window, tree, or any special spot. Capture the whimsy of your child in this fun and creative workshop. * *Mini Terrarium- Tuesday, June 28* *This workshop is a blast! Kids create their own tiny ecosystem in a mason jar. All kids start with the same pieces and each terrarium is unique and different! Loads of fun!* *Cactus Rock Planter- Tuesday, July 5 * *In this workshop, we will paint rocks to look like cactus and then plant in a pot. These are the only cactus they can touch without being "bitten"!* *[image: Inline image 1]* *Grass Caterpillars- Tuesday, July 12* *Create a living caterpillar out of plastic 2 liter bottles, googly eyes and grass! These fun caterpillars will live and grow in the garden keeping your child's imagination doing the same. * *Painted Pal Terra Cotta Pots- Tuesday, July 19 * *Create butterfly, ladybug or bumble bee painted terra cotta pots to plant a pretty flower in. Learn about the benefits of the garden pals in this fun and excited workshop. * *Tic- Tac- Toe- Tuesday, July 26* *This has been a favorite workshop for several years! New this season the kids will create a minion themed Tic-Tac-Toe! Bob, Stewart, and Kevin are waiting to go home with you after this awesome workshop! Hours of family fun!* Call Sweetwater Garden at (307) 856-6663 for details!